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The curriculum is structured around seminars/coursework and hands-on film production experience

Students join a seminar for their specialization, where they master essential techniques and key concepts. In addition, the department emphasizes a holistic approach to learning about cinema through coursework including cinema theory and documentary films.

The hands-on film production experience consists of 4 studios (Orientation Studio, Summer Studio, Winter Studio/Production Development, and Documentary Studio*), as well as a final graduation film. The department covers the production costs, depending on the scope of the film. The first-year production focuses on working as a team with other crew members and developing individual technical expertise. The second-year production provides an opportunity to further explore cinematic expression. For the final graduation film, students are expected to utilize their technical skills and knowledge of the creative process to produce top-calibre works for submission to international film festivals.

Further information on studio work and graduation films:

  • Orientation Studio: faculty members lead students in the production of short films to gain an overall understanding of the production workflow
  • Summer Studio: Students work in groups to produce short films
  • Winter Studio (Production Development): Students from the Producing Course develop film proposals and students work in groups to produce short films
  • Documentary Studio: Students from different courses work together to produce documentary shorts
  • Graduation film: Students work in groups to produce the graduation films. The thesis on the work serves as the master’s degree graduation thesis (for students in the Scriptwriting Course, the feature-length script serves this purpose).


Compulsory subject A Cinematic Creation Workshop I and II All teachers
Compulsory subject B Theory of Cinematic Representation and Technology Takefumi Tsutsui
Film and Filmmaker Nobuhiro Suwa, Akihiko Shiota
Scriptwriting Michiko Oishi and others
Documentary Film Study I and II Takefumi Tsutsui
Optional subject A Seminar: Cinematic Expression I and II Nobuhiro Suwa, Akihiko Shiota, Michiko Oishi
Shoji Masui, Shozo Ichiyama
Seminar: Film Production I and II Sohei Tanikawa, Toshihiro Isomi,
Hiroyuki Nagashima, Takefumi Tsutsui
Optional subject B Theory of Narrative Ryuta Miyake
Contemporary Art Yohei Kurose
Manga Studies Yukari Shiina
Photography and Its History Yoshiaki Kai
Media and Expression Skills Minoru Kimura, Kazuyuki Baba,
Hiromitsu Murakami
Music Theory of the Moving Image Hiroyuki Nagashima
International Cinema and Cultural History Karen Severns


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